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Plantar Fasciitis

There are a number of possible causes for heel pain but a common and very painful one is Plantar Fasciitis. The most indicative symptom is pain under the foot when first getting out of bed in the morning, subsiding gradually with walking. In some long term cases it is painful all day but usually people with this condition remember a stage where it was only in the morning.

Many times people spend months or even years doing stretching or taking measures like steroid injections that merely reduce the symptoms without addressing the underlying biomechanical cause. Naturally the problem does not fully resolve and in fact can become chronic and harder to resolve when the right treatment is eventually tried. Unfortunately there exists a lot of ineffective products and bad advice on this condition which will waste your time and money as well as letting the problem become harder to treat.

The problem is biomechanical (the way your foot functions) so the solution needs to address that with orthotic insoles that change the way your feet move and takes the tension from the Plantar fascia when you walk.

Proper functional orthotics are prescription only insoles and shouldn't be confused with those you can buy over the counter in a pharmacy or sports shop even if they look similar and promise to be a cure. The good news is they needn't be expensive. In most cases if you have a fairly standard foot shape pre-made prescription insoles can be just as effective as the much more expensive custom made insoles which untill recently was the only effective option.

Again it is important to stress these are very different to the ones available in shops so if you have tried them and it didn't work please don't be put off. Bring them with you and the difference and why they didn't work will be explained.

Our orthotics cost £60 a pair plus the standard appointment fee. No extra charges are made for the biomechanical assessment or fitting appointments and you can take the orthotics with you straight away. In comparison custom made orthotics typically cost around £300 to £400 a pair, require multiple appointments and take a month to receive.