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Frequently asked questions

Can I be referred by my GP?

Your GP can refer you but as it is a private service you will still have to pay for the appointment.

Could I be eligible for free treatment by the NHS?

The NHS eligibility criteria depends on the seriousness of the condition but it changes frequently. As a rule if you have a medical condition you can expect to receive at least an assessment by an NHS podiatrist. However there is no guarantee you will receive any treatment (depending on the condition), it can take a very long time to get the first appointment and no consideration is given to how convenient the given appointment time is for you. If you would like to start treatment as soon as possible you could still apply for an NHS appointment and while waiting come to see the podiatrist privately when it suits you.

The NHS Podiatry Service in Berkshire do not offer verruca treatments.

I have diabetes and have been told I should only see a NHS podiatrist

This advice is sometimes given as the quality of treatment offered in the private sector can vary widely. Mr Thomson has a lot of training and experience of treating diabetic foot problems, including ulcers, in both the NHS and private sectors and is able to deal with the majority of cases. The practice also has a higher level of diagnostic equipment than most NHS foot clinics. In some cases it is neccessary to involve other NHS specialists but the practice at Paulton is a good starting point, your needs will be assessed and a treatment plan formed when you visit.

How do I know that you can help the condition I have?

A podiatrist is the only specialist for feet so if it is a foot problem you have it is best to try one first. Feel free to ask for advice when you book the appointment if you are not sure.

I've heard chiropody treatment can be painful, is this true?

In most cases this should not be true at all. Mr Thomson is a very gentle, though thorough, practitioner and most patients find the treatments actually very relaxing.

The exceptions are verrucae treatments and local anaesthetic injections which can be painful but please do ask to talk to the podiatrist if you are worried about that.