Service fees

Clinic appointments:

  • £40 for consultation and treatment.
  • £35 follow-up appointments for verruca.

Home visits:

  • Sorry currently unavailable. The clinic is on the ground floor with wheel chair access.

Nail surgery under local anaesthetic:

  • From £300 including redressing appointments as required and as many dressings as is needed until it has healed.
    • NB: Surgery is not usually needed initially, 90% of cases you will be out of pain and danger from infection after a single regular £40 appointment. Surgery is though often needed to be a permanent solution but not all cases require it, call for advice if needed.

Other fees:

  • Very good quality functional prescription orthotics (insoles) that actually work unlike any that are available from shops or online without prescription.
    • £60 plus the usual appointment fees. No additional charge is made for a biomechanical assessment.

  • Cryo-surgery (freezing) £40 for the first area frozen plus £12 for any additional areas or repeated freezing of an area. This is in addition to the appointment fees.

  • Telephone consultation
    • £40 inc history taking, photos/video assessment
    • £63 prescription orthotics including postage

Payment can be made by cash, cards or bank transfer. Cash is prefered to save on bank charges.

If you have private medical insurance please ask about this when making the appointment as coverage varies between policies.