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Excessive subtalar joint pronation

Pronation is the rolling inwards of the feet under the ankle. The laymen's term is "flat feet" but it is a misleading term. The feet do not need to to be literally flat, having no arch, for it to cause problems. Some amount of pronation is normal and required for walking but usually due to a hereditary alignment of the feet they can be so far rolled in that the muscles in the legs are unable to roll them out again during walking.

An easy clue to look for is if you unevenly wear the outside corner of the heel on your shoes.

Excessive pronation can cause a huge number of problems, from acute pain in the feet or legs to long term damage of joints including knees and hips. It is the main cause of hereditary bunions. Can cause lower back pain and sciatica. The list goes on.

The good news is help is available and it is much less expensive than it used to be. Proper functional prescription orthotics are needed to change the way your foot functions. The type of insoles available in sports shops and pharmacies promise to do that but in fact are not corrective or supportive enough. If you have already tried those bring them to your appointment and the difference will be explained.

Until recently the only really effective solution was custom prescription orthotics costing hundreds of pounds, requiring multiple appointments and taking a month to arrive.

Fortunately recently developed pre-made prescription orthotics can be in most cases just as good for a fraction of the cost and are available to take straight away.

Our orthotics cost £70 a pair plus the standard appointment fee which includes consultation and biomechanical assessment. Additional pairs can easily be ordered for £70 a pair.