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Diabetic foot problems

Diabetes can sometime have a very serious effect on feet and it is recommended that everyone with diabetes is seen at least once a year for a thorough check up by a podiatrist to make sure the feet aren't at risk.

It is not so much diabetes itself but the high blood sugar that comes from poor diabetic control that will effect the feet, damaging the nerves and blood vessels. This is why a diabetic foot check includes tests to asses the sensation and blood flow. The good news is that if the diabetes is well controlled the chances of having foot complications is greatly reduced.

The Paulton Podiatry Clinic aims to provide a very high standard of diabetic foot care and has invested in the latest equipment for assessing your feet.

The clinic has doppler ultrasound equipment to measure blood flow and can provide you and your GP with measurements showing a comparison between flow in your arms and the arteries in your great toes, which is the most significant circulation test.

The clinic also has a Neurothesiometer, which is a device that can measure the nerves in your feet to a research institute level of accuracy. This allows a very clear picture of the current condition which can be compared to future checks to gauge any change in your condition.

Most importantly Mr Thomson has a wealth of experience in assessing and treating diabetic feet. Diabetic patients can benefit very much from sound advice on routine foot care and shoe choice and a check with a podiatrist might highlight issues before they become problems.