Paulton podiatry chiropody foot clinic

01761 348 018

Service fees

  • £36 per standard appointment which will include treatment and assessments as required (diabetic / neuropathy / biomechanical / gait etc)

  • £32 for a standard appointment if you are 65 years or more

  • £26 for under 18 year olds first appointment.

  • £26 for follow up verrucae appointments (cryo surgery / freezing if needed incurs additional costs, for more info please call the clinic)

  • Permanent nail surgery from £300 including all after care appointments and dressings.

  • Very good quality functional prescription orthotics (insoles) from £45

Fees are subject to change but patients will be notified before treatment.

If you have private medical insurance please ask about this when making the appointment as coverage varies between policies.