Paulton podiatry chiropody clinic

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Service fees

PLEASE NOTE: There are no credit/debit card taking facilities so please bring enough cash.

Standard charges

  • £36 standard appointment

The following discounts might apply

  • £5 off for all over 65 year old's appointments
  • £10 off for first appointment only for under 18s
  • £10 off for repeat appointments when treating verruca

Annual comprehensive diabetic assessment

  • £36 if no other treatment needed, otherwise included in standard fee

Home visits

  • £10 additional to normal appointment cost (please see home visit page for availability)

Other fees apply for ingrown toenail surgery (first appointment will be standard charge minus any discounts) and verruca, you can enquire about these when booking and you will always be informed of any charges before treatment begins.

Fees are subject to change but patients will be notified before treatment.

If you have private medical insurance please ask about this when making the appointment as coverage varies between policies.

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